08:3009:0013:3014:00Opening Session
09:0009:5014:0014:50Plenary Session 1: Development of a stochastic model for intermittent two-phase flow in horizontal pipes
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Adriano Todorovic Fabro, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Brasilia, Brazil
Chair: Prof. Dr. Rubens Sampaio Filho, PUC-Rio, Brazil


Technical Session 1: Civil Engineering 1

Chair: Prof. Dr. Nícolas de Araújo Moreira, UFC, Brazil
10:0010:3015:0015:30Paper #01: Uncertainties of Numerical Simulation for Static Liquefaction Potential of Saturated Soils
Authors: Wenhao Huang, Youssef Shamas, Khai Hoan Tran, Saber Imanzadeh, Said Taibi and Eduardo Souza de Cursi
10:3011:0015:3016:00Paper #03: Uncertainties of Experimental Tests on Cyclic Liquefaction Potential of Unsaturated Soils
Authors: Youssef Shamas, Wenhao Huang, Khai Hoan Tran, Saber Imanzadeh, Armelle Jarno, Said Taibi and Elie Rivoalen
11:0011:3016:0016:30Paper #04: Analysis of the Impact of Uncertainties on the Estimation of Geotechnical Engineering Properties of Soil from SPT on the Design of Aerogenerators Foundation
Authors: Giullia Carolina de Melo Mendes, Alfran Sampaio Moura, Saber Imanzadeh, Marcos Fábio Porto de Aguiar, Lucas Feitosa de Albuquerque Lima Babadopulos, Said Taibi and Anne Pantet

Technical Session 2: Differential Equations

Chair: Prof. Dr. Rafael Jacinto Villanueva Micó, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain
13:0013:3018:0018:30Paper #30: Global Sensitivity Analysis of Models Described by Hypoelliptic Systems of Stochastic Differential Equations
Authors: Pierre Etoré, Joel Andrepont and Clémentine Prieur
13:3014:0018:3019:00Paper #14: A Full Probabilistic Analysis of the Random Hyperlogistic Differential Equation: Theory and Simulation
Authors: Sorina Madalina Sferle, Juan Carlos Cortés and Ana Navarro-Quiles
14:0014:3019:0019:30Paper #16: Uncertainty Quantification in Impulsive Random Differential Equations
Authors: Vicente J. Bevia, Juan Carlos Cortés and Rafael Jacinto Villanueva Micó


14:4015:1019:4020:10Paper #19: Computing the Probabilistic Distribution of the Attractor of Some Stochastic Differential Equations via Random Dynamical Systems
Authors: Clara Burgos Simón, Tomás Caraballo Garrido, Juan Carlos Cortés and Rafael Jacinto Villanueva Micó
15:1015:4020:1020:40Paper #25: A Calibration Method for Random Models with Dependent Random Parameters: The Applied Case of Tumor Growth
Authors: Carlos Andreu Vilarroig, Juan Carlos Cortés, Cristina Luisovna Pérez and Rafael Jacinto Villanueva Micó


Technical Session 3: Data and Simulation

Chair: Prof. Dr. Roberta de Queiroz Lima, PUC-Rio, Brazil
08:0008:3013:0013:30Paper #34: Optimized Trade-Off Between Simulations and Physical Experiments with Cost-Free Variance Based Sensitivity Analysis
Authors: Charles Surget, Sylvain Dubreuil, Jérôme Morio, Cécile Mattrand, Jean-Marc Bourinet and Nicolas Gayton
08:3009:0013:3014:00Paper #44: A Data-Based Estimation of Power-Law Coefficients for Rainfall via Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm: Results from the West African Testbed
Authors: Rubem Pacelli, Nícolas de Araújo Moreira, Tarcisio F. Maciel, Modeste Kacou and Marielle Gosset
09:0009:3014:0014:30Paper #36: Data Assimilation Using Co-processors for Ocean Circulation
Authors: Marcelo Paiva, Sabrina Sambatti, Luiz Alberto Vieira Dias and Haroldo Campos Velho
09:3010:0014:3015:00Paper #48: Uncertainty Quantification for Climate Precipitation Prediction by Decision Tree
Authors: Vinicius Monego, Juliana Anochi and Haroldo Campos Velho


Technical Session 4: AI and Statistical Methods

Chair: Prof. Dr. Adriano Todorovic Fabro, UnB, Brazil
10:1010:4015:1015:40Paper #29: Efficient Estimation of Multiple Expectations with the Same Sample by Adaptive Importance Sampling and Control Variates
Authors: Julien Demange-Chryst, François Bachoc and Jérôme Morio
10:4011:1015:4016:10Paper #31: Stochastic Analysis Involving the Computational Cost of a Monte-Carlo Simulation
Authors: Héctor Eduardo Goicoechea Manuel, Roberta Lima and Rubens Sampaio
11:1011:4016:1016:40Paper #37: Uncertainty Analysis of a Composite Plate Using Anti-Optimization and PCE
Authors: Ewerton Grotti, José Picoral Filho, Pedro Bührer Santana and Herbert Martins Gomes


Technical Session 5: Structural Dynamics and Structural Systems

Chair: Prof. Dr. Rubens Sampaio Filho, PUC-Rio, Brazil
08:0008:3013:0013:30Paper #11: Stochastic Non-Proportional Damping Applied to Rotordynamics
Authors: Guilherme Negreiros Lacerda, Aldemir Cavalini and Thiago Ritto
08:3009:0013:3014:00Paper #13: Dynamic Analysis of a Building Equipped with a Tuned Mass Damper Subjected to Artificial Seismic Excitations Considering Uncertainties in the Parameters of the Structure and of the Excitation
Authors: João Victor Restelatto, Letícia Fleck Fadel Miguel and Sergio Pastor Ontiveros-Pérez
09:0009:3014:0014:30Paper #17: Uncertainty-Based Analysis of a Cantilever Beam with Random Parameters Subject to Correlated Noise
Authors: Juan Carlos Cortés, Elena López-Navarro, Pablo Martínez-Rodríguez, José Vicente Romero and Maria Dolores Roselló


Technical Session 6: Complex Systems

Chair: Prof. Dr. Kleber Zuza Nóbrega, UFC, Brazil
09:4010:1014:4015:10Paper #49: Uncertainty Quantification-Based Model for Road Accidents Forecasting: A Pre-Disaster Management Approach
Authors: Hajar Raillani, Lamia Hammadi, Abdessamad El Ballouti, Vlad Stefan Barbu, Babacar Mbaye Ndiaye and Eduardo Souza de Cursi
10:1010:4015:1015:40Paper #47: Estimation of Joint Probability Density Function in Digital Communication Systems
Authors: João Pedro Campos, Kléber Zuza Nobrega and João César Mota


10:5011:2015:5016:10Paper #27: Mechanical Property Characterization of a 3D Printing Manufacturing System
Authors: Luiz Henrique Marra da Silva Ribeiro, Claus Claeys, Dimitrios Chronopoulos, Adriano Todorovic Fabro and José Roberto de França Arruda
11:2011:5016:2016:50Paper #22: On the Trade-Off Between Complexity and Vibration Attenuation of 3D printed Elastic Metamaterials
Authors: Sergio Cantero-Chinchilla, Adriano Todorovic Fabro, Han Meng, Wang-Ji Yan, Costas Papadimitriou and Dimitrios Chronopoulos
11:5012:2016:5017:20Paper #50: Process Capability Indices for Dairy Product’s Temperature Control in Dynamic Vehicle Routing
Authors: Khadija Ait Mamoun, Lamia Hammadi, Abdessamad El Ballouti, Antônio G. N. Novaes and Eduardo Souza de Cursi


Technical Session 7: Civil Engineering 2

Chair: Prof. Dr. Rafael Holdorf Lopez, UFSC, Brazil
08:3009:0013:3014:00Paper #02: Uncertainties About the Toughness Property of Raw Earth Construction Materials
Authors: Youssef Shamas, H. C. Nithin, Vivek Sharma, Jeevan S. D., Sachin Patil, Saber Imanzadeh, Armelle Jarno and Said Taibi
09:0009:3014:0014:30Paper #06: Uncertainties on the Unconfined Compressive Strength of Raw and Textured Concrete
Authors: Afshin Zarei, Samid Zarei, Saber Imanzadeh, Nasre-dine Ahfir, Said Taibi and Teddy Lesueur
09:3010:0014:3015:00Paper #10: Robustness Analyses of Modern Oil-Well Drilling Control Techniques Under Uncertain Bit-Rock Nonlinear Interaction
Authors: Pedro A. P. Magalhães, Hélio J. Cruz Neto and Marcelo A. Trindade


10:1011:0015:1016:00Plenary Session 2: Random Stick-Slip Oscillations
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Roberta de Queiroz Lima, Mechanics Engineering Department, PUC-Rio, Brazil
Chair: Prof. Dr. Rubens Sampaio Filho, PUC-Rio, Brazil


Technical Session 8: Optimization Under Uncertainty

Chair: Prof. Dr. Tarcisio Ferreira Maciel, UFC, Brazil
13:0013:3018:0018:30Paper #08: Bio-Inspired Shape Optimization for Structural Robust Design Using Isogeometric Analysis
Authors: Chunmei Liu, Renata Troian and Eduardo Souza de Cursi
13:3014:0018:3019:00Paper #21: Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Steel Frames Using Genetic Algorithms
Authors: Lais de Bortoli Lecchi, Francisco de Assis das Neves, Ricardo Azoubel da Mota Silveira, Walnório Graça Ferreira and Eduardo Souza de Cursi
14:0014:3019:0019:30Paper #46: Stochastic Kriging-Based Optimization Applied in Direct Policy Search for Decision Problems in Infrastructure Planning
Authors: Cibelle Dias de Carvalho Dantas and Rafael Holdorf Lopez


Technical Session 9: Probability and Bayesian Methods

Chair: Prof. Dr. Fernando Alves Rochinha, COPPE/UFRJ, Brazil
08:0008:3013:0013:30Paper #33: A Comparison of Different Approaches to Find the Probability Distribution of Further Generations in a Branching Process
Authors: João Pedro Xavier Freitas, Roberta Lima and Rubens Sampaio
08:3009:0013:3014:00Paper #42: On the Collaboration Between Bayesian and Hilbertian Approaches
Authors: Eduardo Souza de Cursi and Adriano Todorovic Fabro
09:0009:3014:0014:30Paper #18: Application of Machine Learning Models for the Solution of Wake Steering Optimization Under Uncertainties
Authors: Jeferson Osmar de Almeida and Fernando Rochinha
09:3009:4014:3014:40Presentation: French-Brazilian collaboration experience during the first round of FUNCAP/INSA-Rouen project: overview and next steps.
Speakers: Prof. Dr. Saber Imanzadeh and Prof. Dr. Lucas Feitosa de Albuquerque Lima Babadopulos
09:4010:1014:4015:10Closing Session
10:1012:3015:1017:30Meeting of the ABCM Uncertainty Quantification Comittee
Chair: Prof. Dr. Rubens Sampaio Filho, PUC-Rio, Brazil