Registration Fees and Benefits

Uncertainties 2023 is 100% remote Symposium supported by AFM, ABCM, and SBMA. This 100% remote format comes with opportunities and challenges for supporting the costs needed to provide a valuable experience for all participants. 

While an in-person experience would bring our community together, it would also incur into the support of the traditional costs associated with in-person events. Being now a 100% remote event, we are no longer subject to these constraints, but we still must bring the content to our virtual users via broadcasting and streaming services in a suitable way and keep ensuring a valuable remote experience for all participants. 

Considering this, the registration fees and the registration forms for remote participation in the event were set, into three categories: Full Paper Author, Non-Author Professional Participant, Students.

Every Full Paper/Extended Abstract contribution to the symposium will require a registration for at least one of the authors of the contribution.  Moreover, each Full Paper/Extended Abstract requires one registration as Full Paper Author.

The student registration is intended for students who wish to attend the event and watch the presentations and discussions, even if they are not authors.

The registration fees and the registration forms are presented in the table below:

Registration Fee (in R$) Registration Form
Full Paper Author R$ 280,00 Click here
Non-Author Professional Participant R$ 280,00 Click here
Students R$ 0,00 Click here

It is also important to highlight that only Full Paper contributions will make to the Conference Proceedings to be published by Springer in “ABCM series on Mechanical Sciences and Engineering” (indexed). Every contribution and participation in the Symposium will, however, be eligible for the reception of a corresponding participation certificate to be emitted by the Organizing Comittee. 

Registration Deadline

  • The registration must be done until 
    July, 24, 2023
    July, 27, 2023